Commerical & Residential Services

Interior & Exterior Painting


Interior and exterior painting require very differently formulated paints. After carefully considering the surface being painted whether wood, siding, stucco or brick for exterior. Using a critical eye on each area of the interior of a property, from kitchens and bedrooms to cabinets and ceilings, our team is able to help you choose exactly what’s right for you.

Stucco Repair

 Best painting contractors have the expertise to work with all degrees of stucco repair. Whether it’s large or small repairs we blend the stucco texture for a seamless look.

Color Consultation

It takes a good eye to choose the colors that will bring out the uniqueness of your property. We provide free color consultations to help you decide what will make your residential or commercial property stand out. 


Texture painting requires creating one of a kind decorative finishes. We work with your vision to accomplish any texture or style you desire.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your cabinets revitalizes the look of your home. Whether it’s cabinet renewal, a color shift, color change or a custom finish our highly trained professionals provide rich beautiful color to your cabinets.


Wood staining takes careful consideration since wood species vary. We test the stains with the natural color of your wood for the perfect result.

Exterior Mildew Removal

Full service safe removal of mold and mildew using the most effective and health conscious products possible will keep your exterior looking pristine.

Pressure Washing

Maintaining your home or commercial property with regular pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to increase the longevity of your property. Using the latest equipment our skilled professionals can remove dust, grime, mildew or algae leaving surfaces looking like new.

Deck Coating

If your home has an exterior deck it is likely one of the largest investments to your property. Regular refinishing of your deck insures its durability so that you can enjoy the 300 plus days of sunshine Santa Barbara areas offer.  At Best painting we inspect and identify problems like dry rot and termites to offer our customers the best solution. The use of quality paints and stains means less frequent maintenance.

Drywall Repair

Running a holiday sale or weekly 

Unpredictable events can do serious damage to your drywall. We can repair cracked plaster, damaged sheetrock and prepare surfaces to give you a lasting fix.

New Construction, Additions & Remodels

Starting a new project can be stressful. We work with clients from conception to completion for all new property construction. Taking your vision and transforming it into reality is what we do best.


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